Serial kwhere to get wristbands madeiller pleads guilty to 11 gruesome murders over 14 years

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Gao Chengyong pleaded guilty to killing 10 women and an 8-year-old girl over a period of 14 years across northern China, his lawyer said on Wednesday after a two-day trial.

The hearing was held behind closed doors at Baiyin Intermediate People"s Court in Gansu province. The 52-year-old accused serial killer confessed to multiple charges of homicide, rape, robbery and mutilation of corpses, according to attorney Zhu Aimin.

"Gao confessed to all 11 murders," Zhu said by phone on Wednesday evening.

"He also apologized and gave three bows to the victims" families at the end of the hearing. He said it was his fault." Bowing is a traditional Chinese sign of respect.

"For one of the killings, I don"t think there was sufficient evidence to prove he committed it, but for the other 10, the facts are clear," Zhu said.

The killings were carried out in Gansu and neighboring Inner Mongolia autonomous region between May 1988 and February 2002. Police said Gao followed his victims home and slit their throats.

The trial began at 9 am on Tuesday and ended at about 5:30 pm on Wednesday.

"My client kept calm and said no more in court than he did during previous interrogations," Zhu said.

The court was expected to sentence Gao at a later date. Death is one possible punishment.

The case was not open to the public because of privacy concerns over the female victims and the cruel nature of the killings, according to a judicial official speaking at a news conference on Monday.

The official also said the hearing was delayed for almost a year after Gao was arrested because the case was complex.

The case aroused intense public attention when the Baiyin police discovered evidence, including DNA, that identified Gao as the killer.

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