Acclaimed Brazilian films screenedwristband supply in Beijing

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Movies from Brazil, including three which have been nominated for Oscars, are being screened at the Brazilian Film Festival in Beijing from December 1 to 8.

The Embassy of Brazil is working with the China Film Archive to show eight Brazilian films to a local audience.

The opening film, Nise: The Heart of Madness, won the Best Film Award at this year"s BRICS Film Festival held in Chengdu, Sichuan province. It is based on the true story of female doctor Nise da Silveira, who defied male dominated psychiatric establishment in the 1940s to propose a new form of treatment for mental illness. It will be the first Brazilian movie ever to be commercially released in China.

The agreement to release Nise in China was signed in September when Brazilian President Michel Temer visited China.

Another highlight in the program, being screened at the archive, is a comedy called Jules and Dolores. It tells the story of the latest theft of the most coveted prize in the history of sport, the Jules Rimet World Cup soccer trophy.

The selection also includes a number of internationally acclaimed Brazilian films from different periods and in various styles. The drama Central Station was nominated for Oscars in two categories in 1999. The thriller City of God received four nominations in 2004, a record for any Brazilian production. The Boy and the World was nominated last year for best animation, the first time for any such production from Brazil.

"We are really excited about the quality and diversity of the selection," said Marcos Caramuru de Paiva, Brazil"s ambassador to China.

Marcelo Azevedo, head of the Creative Industries Section of the embassy, said the festival is an important initiative for increasing people-to-people exchanges with China.

Other films being screened are The Wolf at the Door, In Dog"s Words and The Second Mother.

The filming will take place at China Film Archive in Haidian District, Beijing.

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